Fellow Romantic Podcast #7: Q&A with Sigrid, Muriel and Oscar Wilde

Hello hello!

You sent in some awesome questions and we had a lot of fun answering them. Hope you enjoy the 7th Fellow Romantic Podcast.

Lots of πŸ’œ

Sigrid & Muriel

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6 responses to “Fellow Romantic Podcast #7: Q&A with Sigrid, Muriel and Oscar Wilde”

  1. Sigrid

    @Muriel A TRICERATOPS!!!! SEEEEEE?!?! I was totally right after all. Puh!

    1. Romi

      Hahaha! Lol! Triceratops is one-the most widely known. The one Muriel was describing is most likely a Brontosaurus, if we’re keeping to commonly known sauropods. And the β€˜flying one that looks mean’ is most likely the pterodactyl, though there are far scarier ones, just less known!

  2. Marcie53

    Always fun to listen and have a much needed laugh.

  3. Lise

    I have litterally got tears streaming down my face… From laughing. Excellent episode. And Sigrid, when you went all bombastic in french it sounded just perfect. Muriel.. New wave hey?! Tell us more…

  4. Rae

    Love it! Thank you both for sharing yourselves with us. Always fun and entertaining!

  5. Sara

    Listened to this over lunch, I laughed so hard. πŸ˜€ So much fun to hear both of your voices and you teasing each other.

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