Fallen Elements by Heather McVea

Fallen Elements lesficThis lesbian romance book had everything for me to not want to listen to it. I’m not a big fan of books with lengthy flashbacks. And I also like lesbian fiction to be somewhat realistic: no witches or vampires for me.

But! I really did enjoy listening to Fallen Elements by Heather McVea. I’m glad I gave it a chance even though I knew there’d be some ‘magic’ going on. I didn’t mind at all, and actually found it a quite refreshing storyline.

I did lose my interest for a while…
The audiobook is a lengthy listen: just under 11 hours. I have to admit I lost my interest for a bit about 75% in. I wasn’t as fond of the characters and their lives as I am with other books, I think.

That’s not because the characters are superficial, by the way. They’re well developed and you really get to know Ryan, the main character. The spark between the characters was just less credible to me. I didn’t feel the character’s ache to be with each other.

But! (Yes, a second but.) Once I did hit the play button again (after not listening to the book for a couple of days), I couldn’t stop listening. The last 25% of the audiobook really pulled me back into the story. I ended up really liking Fallen Elements.

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Well performed audiobook
The narration of the audiobook was good. The performance was consistent and lively. It’s a great listen overall. Unfortunately, Fallen Elements is the only audiobook by Heather McVea available on Audible right now.

I think this somewhat hesitant review is very personal. If you’re into fantasy, chances are you’ll absolutely love this book. And it does have great reviews on Amazon.com and Audible.com. So, it’s probably just me 😉

Fallen Elements did make me realize I might have to broaden my horizon within lesbian fiction books. I think I’ll definitely pick up another Heather McVea book and keep exploring these otherworldly lesfic stories!

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