Enjoying my writing sprint


My month ‘off’ started on Saturday and I’m enjoying it immensely!

On Sunday, I went to an interview with a professional counter tenor to get some extra information on life as an opera artist. Well, that was the excuse. It was mostly fun to attend his concert, of course 😉

I woke up the next sunny morning thinking “Why don’t I do a writing sprint?” It was just something that popped up in my mind after hearing my wife talk about agile ways of working.

When  I googled ‘writing sprint’ just now, I wasn’t surprised to find it’s already a thing. Of course it is! I don’t know how other people do it, but for me the writing sprint basically means:

*I work on one episode for one day. When I stop for the day, I have to let that episode go for a while. No editing and no adding things the next morning. 

*The next day, I write the next episode with the exact same rules. So, yesterday, I wrote the raw draft for the script of part 1, and today I worked on part 2. That means I have now started writing from the 2 main character’s points of view. 

*Tomorrow, I’ll go back to character 1 in part 3. I think I’ll keep working like this for the rest of the week. That means I should have raw drafts for at least  4 episodes by Thursday evening. (Friday is a money job day this week)

So far, I’m really pleased with this way of working. I never thought I would work like this. But it’s kind of liberating to just write away and focus on the outline of the story, the characters, … rather than trying to get every single detail or sentence right. I can highly recommend it to any of you who like to try out new methods to get some writing momentum 🙂

I look forward to taking another look at the drafts when I have a new perspective after doing some more research. Because that’s what I’m doing in the evening and early morning hours: scanning the interwebz for information to get the background of the story just right.

In short: I’m having fun and working hard to get the first episode out to you in about 4 weeks.  A special thank you to the listeners who’ve treated me to a coffee! I’ve been sipping coffee and tea like a maniac while writing and researching these last days 🙂



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