Early release of Connection Revealed, part 2!

Hello, lovely romantics!

Before you listen to this episode, I’d like you to reflect on the podcast a bit. How many characters do you usually follow in one episode? And… How many characters do you usually follow in one story?

(I’ll help you a bit. Connection Concealed was an exception to the rule because we only followed Louise’s side of the story. In other stories, we follow the two main characters and they switch every episode.)

Soooo…. Enjoy part 2 and let’s see if you notice what’s different about this story… 😉

BUT! If you listen to this episode now, it will be a really long wait until the next one. I released part 1 early, and part 2 even earlier.

This is the official release schedule on the podcast feed:

September 13: Part 1

September 27: Part 2

October 11: Part 3

I’ll be on a vacation in the next weeks, so part 3 won’t be released any sooner than October 8, I’m afraid.

You’ve been warned! If you still want to listen… Grab those headphones ^^

THANK YOU to everyone supporting the podcast! You help me make this happen!

Much love,


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