Early Access: The Taste Of A Smile Part 34 ‘Broccoli’ Excerpt


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Lex knocked on Hannah’s door twice. She stared at her shoes while she waited, replaying the sentences she had rehearsed in her mind one last time. She had been preparing for this moment since yesterday.

When Lex had texted Hannah yesterday morning to request a meeting asap, her cousin had suggested coffee at her place early the next day. Lex had eagerly agreed, secretly relieved to have one more night before she had to face Hannah.

The lock clicked. Lex ran a hand through her hair. She smiled, expecting to see her cousin, but was met with Milly’s bemused stare instead.

“Good morning,” Milly said cheerily.

“Hi Milly,” Lex replied, not able to keep the surprise out of her voice. “How are you?”

Milly stepped back and gestured for Lex to come in. “Great! I’m afraid Hannah is still in the shower.”

“Ah,” Lex said, wondering how much time Hannah usually spent in the bathroom. Being alone with Milly could get uncomfortable quickly. What if she started asking about Mary? It would only be natural to do so after seeing them together at the rehearsal.

“It’s my fault,” Milly said jokingly, closing the door. “I forgot you were coming over and took my sweet time in the bathroom.”

Charles, Hannah’s cat, poked his head around the corner. He froze when he spotted Lex. Lex waved at him, feeling a bit silly. He lowered his ears.

“Don’t take it personally,” Milly chuckled as she stepped into the living room. “Charles worships Hannah. The rest of us are the enemy.”

“I can see that,” Lex said, putting her coat on the rack in the hallway. She followed Milly and made sure to keep her distance from Charles.

“Feeling all better?” Milly asked.

Lex’s shoulders tightened. “Better?”

“Yeah, I heard you were sick,” Milly said. “Coffee, by the way?” She pointed at the coffee machine and walked into the open kitchen.

“Oh, yeah, all better,” Lex hurried to say, her mind racing. How on earth did Milly find out that she had been sick? She added, “No, thanks. I already had too much coffee today.”

Milly placed her hands on the countertop. Her lips curved up in a knowing smile. “Nervous about seeing the big boss?” she teased.

Lex shrugged uncomfortably, “What? No, of course not.”

She wiped her hands on her slacks. What the hell was going on with Milly?

“Want anything else? I’m making a green smoothie,” Milly asked and pulled open the fridge.

“No, thanks, I’m good,” Lex said, wrinkling her nose at the thought of a green smoothie.

Milly grabbed some spinach, broccoli and several apples, and placed them on the counter. “Are you sure? It’s a great boost to get your immune system back up and running,” she winked.

Lex eyed the vegetables and apples skeptically. “Yes, I’m okay.”

“Hey, Lex!” Hannah chirped, walking into the living room.

Lex almost gasped. “Good morning!”

Hannah rubbed her hair with a towel. She was still in her bathrobe. “You been here long?”

“No,” Milly said before Lex could reply. She was cutting the broccoli into small pieces. “Just got here! She won’t try my smoothie, though.”

“Aww, she doesn’t know what she’s missing,” Hannah grinned, winking at Lex.

Lex smiled thinly, getting more nervous by the second. She wanted to get Hannah alone before she lost the courage to go through with this.

“Do you mind if we go talk in your office?” she asked clumsily.

“Sure,” Hannah said, lowering the towel. She and Milly exchanged a curious look.

“It’s just … You know,” Lex stammered apologetically.

Milly put down the knife. “No worries. Hannah is no fan of broccoli either. I’m sure she’s glad to get out of here,” she said warmly.

“I confess,” Hannah said, raising her hands in the air.

Lex’s shoulders loosened a little. “Glad to be of help,” she said in an attempt to join the banter.

Hannah gestured for Lex to follow her.

“Good luck,” Milly whispered when Lex walked by.

Lex’s breath caught. Her eyes flicked to the side. Milly had gone back to cutting up the vegetables, though. Lex frowned in confusion and hurried into the hallway.


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