Fellow Romantic Podcast: Q&A with Muriel #3 (The tipsy edition)



Wowza, we had a lot of fun questions this time! Join us and have a glass of wine while listening! Warning: we might have had a little bit too much while we recorded. Careful with the volume: lots of loud laughter and more…

Hope you enjoy this 3rd Q&A!  I’m going to click publish before I change my mind! 😉




The questions for this episode:


-Did Muriel have Charles before you met?

-While you’re writing, are you thinking about the sound effects? Or are you [simply] writing and later on decide what sounds work and where? Does that make sense?

-What is Sigrid’s favorite romantic movie? And can Muriel tolerate watching it with you? (Or is fun, massage oriented bribery involved?)

-What do you call your grandmother? 🤗

-Would you ever consider releasing two complete versions of an episode…the second one in Dutch?

-Who brought the didgeridoo in? Who can play it? And, I dare either or both of you to play it during the Q&A. 🤣

-Are there any words in English that you find particularly difficult to pronounce? And will you try right now for our amusement? 😉 For instance I struggle with the word ‘rural’ and I hate having to say it out loud. 🤣🤣🤣

-Sigrid I would like to hear you squack like a bird.

-What do you like about traveling together?

-Most exciting failure? (Audio related…or not)

-Connection Concealed has pushed into sci-fi territory (for the second time – I’m not discounting the Space Story!). Are you interested in producing more Lesfic in science fiction or other genres in the future? If so, which genre would you prefer?

-Does Muriel have a favorite book genre?

-What secret would you allow Muriel to reveal about you and what secret would Muriel allow you to reveal about her?

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