Fellow Romantic Podcast: Q&A with Muriel #3 (The tipsy edition)


Wowza, we had a lot of fun questions this time! Join us and have a glass of wine while listening! Warning: we might have had a little bit too much while we recorded. Careful with the volume: lots of loud laughter and more…

Hope you enjoy this 3rd Q&A!  I’m going to click publish before I change my mind! 😉




The questions for this episode:


-Did Muriel have Charles before you met?

-While you’re writing, are you thinking about the sound effects? Or are you [simply] writing and later on decide what sounds work and where? Does that make sense?

-What is Sigrid’s favorite romantic movie? And can Muriel tolerate watching it with you? (Or is fun, massage oriented bribery involved?)

-What do you call your grandmother? 🤗

-Would you ever consider releasing two complete versions of an episode…the second one in Dutch?

-Who brought the didgeridoo in? Who can play it? And, I dare either or both of you to play it during the Q&A. 🤣

-Are there any words in English that you find particularly difficult to pronounce? And will you try right now for our amusement? 😉 For instance I struggle with the word ‘rural’ and I hate having to say it out loud. 🤣🤣🤣

-Sigrid I would like to hear you squack like a bird.

-What do you like about traveling together?

-Most exciting failure? (Audio related…or not)

-Connection Concealed has pushed into sci-fi territory (for the second time – I’m not discounting the Space Story!). Are you interested in producing more Lesfic in science fiction or other genres in the future? If so, which genre would you prefer?

-Does Muriel have a favorite book genre?

-What secret would you allow Muriel to reveal about you and what secret would Muriel allow you to reveal about her?

14 responses to “Fellow Romantic Podcast: Q&A with Muriel #3 (The tipsy edition)”

  1. Annie

    🤣🤣🤣 No apologies!!! This was hilarious!! 😂😆🤣 I’m glad you didn’t stop yourself from releasing it! Your laughter is contagious. (Especially the part—Sigrid/secret.) 🤣

  2. KayJay

    ROTFL xD This was a treat! Thank you Muriel and Sigrid! 😀

  3. Sigrid

    Weird! Maybe because of the link

  4. Marcie53

    Did I hear Vlaams (Flemish) in there?

  5. Annie

    And further…I’ve listened to this (ahem) three times…thank you for all the answers!! I totally enjoyed the part where you’re speaking in Dutch…I haven’t tried to use google translate to understand…honestly, I’m good. LOL Also, hearing you both say rural over and over…🤣🤣🤣…along with some other ridiculously pronounced words in English. LOL

    I thought that the thorough responses were faithful to the theme. 🤣🤣🤣 (And, along the ‘th’ line…I actually did hear you say ‘father’ once in The Blogger Story with a /d/ sound. LOL)

  6. Sakins

    Oh my goddess! Yes!

    I hope the Q&As become a regular thing because this just gave me life! Twice, because I died and was revived from laughter like halfway into it!

    You two are so awesome! I needed this today.

  7. Thea

    I listened this Q&A on the bus on my way to the airport ! Bad idea! I couldn’t control my laughter! People around me were staring at me funny.
    It was a delight for me though!
    PS I secretly watch Outlander too! 😳🙊

  8. Romi

    Thoroughly enjoying this Q&A!! Great way to spend this Monday! The two of you are adorable and hilarious together! #MoreMuriel

  9. Romi

    Sigrid, I’m with you on the birthday presents! My birthday is in two weeks and I’ve been sending my wife my ‘Birthday Wish List’ since January. Most items are titled ONLY ON SALE UNTIL…followed by, ‘but if you buy it for me, can I have it early?’.

    1. Sigrid

      After that Q&A, I ‘ve been thinking I better get my act together! It’s almost July and I still have no clue what to ask!

  10. Sara

    Ditto – thank you for all the laughs! I recently moved from Portland, Oregon where they do have “little libraries” in many neighborhoods and now I’m in Southern California and I’ve seen at least a couple here as well in Long Beach 🙂

  11. Marcie53

    Ah ha I now know what you said in Dutch!!

    1. Sigrid

      Lol! I’d have to relisten to remember myself 😀

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