POSTPONED: Celebrating 5 years of TLR Live on Crowdcast


UPDATE: Something happened in my family life that needs my immediate attention. Unfortunately, this means that I have to postpone our party this week. I hope you’ll still be able to join me and celebrate next week (Feb 6)!

Hey everyone,

It’s time to celebrate 5 years of TLR! I’d love to celebrate this milestone with my patrons and recurring supporters! I’ll go live to chat, answer all of your questions and we’ll listen to the very first story together.

I should warn you: I haven’t listened to The Space Story since I first created it. In a way, I’ll be rediscovering it along with you, live in front of a camera. I’m sure it’ll trigger some memories!

Privacy notice: this event will be recorded and available for reply. If you join and type something in the chat, or join and go live with me on video or through audio, this will be available publicly later!

Want to join me?

Recurring supporters: I don’t want to spam everyone about this event, so if you are a recurring supporter on this website, please send me an email (sigrid AT or direct message on the community/Keybase with your email address. That way, I can register you for the event and you’ll get a link to join!

Patreon supporters: you can login to the event with your Patreon account!

The event link:

See you Jan 30? 🙂



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