Our B.R.A.V.I.N.G. Community

My fellow romantics,

Y’all know I am a great admirer of Brené Brown’s work. That’s why it’s important to me this wonderful podcast community is a safe space for everyone.

I’d like to share this advice from Brown with you as the guidelines for the community on this website.

  • = Boundaries – Respect your own and those of others.
  • = Reliability – Be reliable and authentic (real).
  • A = Accountability – Own your mistakes, apologise and make amends.
  • V = Vault – What we share with you, you will hold in confidence (and we do the same with you). No gossiping. Respect confidentiality.
  • I = Integrity – Choose courage over comfort. Choose what’s right over what’s fun, easy or fast. Practise your values, don’t just profess them.
  • = Non-judgement & reciprocity. Offer and ask for help. Don’t think less of yourself for needing help. (Otherwise, you’ll judge others for asking for help.)
  • G = Generosity – Believe in the best in others even when they disappoint you. People are doing the best they can.