Our B.R.A.V.I.N.G. Community


My fellow romantics,

Y’all know I am a great admirer of Brené Brown’s work. That’s why it’s important to me this wonderful podcast community is a safe space for everyone.

I’d like to share this advice from Brown with you as the guidelines for the community on this website.

  • = Boundaries – Respect your own and those of others.
  • = Reliability – Be reliable and authentic (real).
  • A = Accountability – Own your mistakes, apologise and make amends.
  • V = Vault – What we share with you, you will hold in confidence (and we do the same with you). No gossiping. Respect confidentiality.
  • I = Integrity – Choose courage over comfort. Choose what’s right over what’s fun, easy or fast. Practise your values, don’t just profess them.
  • = Non-judgement & reciprocity. Offer and ask for help. Don’t think less of yourself for needing help. (Otherwise, you’ll judge others for asking for help.)
  • G = Generosity – Believe in the best in others even when they disappoint you. People are doing the best they can.


Tip: Create your wholeheartedness inventory!

You can now get some tips and pointers on where you are in your journey toward wholeheartedness. I personally enjoyed the moment of reflection a lot. You can create your inventory here;:


What if someone or something bothers you on this community?


Unfortunately, there will always be individuals in a community who want to abuse your trust. Please protect your own privacy and be extra alert when:

    Someone sends you a private message out of the blue (especially when that person is not very active in any other way in this community).
    Someone shares information or stories that violate the guidelines above. There is no place for gossip or trash talk in this community.
    Someone overwhelms you with stories or messages or doesn’t respect boundaries in any other way.
    Someone starts adding and messaging you on other websites without your consent.


If someone or something bothers you, you can block them on this website. If you think this person is violating the guidelines consciously and repeatedly, do not hesitate to get in touch with me at [email protected] .