Worth The Risk: Part 22 Teaser Excerpt

Hello friends!

I’m back after an exciting vacation and working hard to get the next episode to you as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoy this teaser!


Nathalie dropped her bag onto the chair and waved at Noah, their youngest developer. He had just put down a mug of coffee on his desk at the other end of the room.

“Goedemorgen,” she said to Melissa, one of the designers, before pushing the power button on her computer.

Nathalie looked down at the mess on her desk. She had left in such a hurry yesterday. She’d have to get rid of the candy bar wrappers and put the accounting binder back in the drawer.

The computer bleeped and asked for her login credentials. She bent down to type. Her cellphone buzzed just as she hit enter. She connected the device to its charger before opening the new message.

It was from Raven. Nathalie smiled even before she had read the message. She lowered herself onto the chair, grinning as she thought of Raven in her bed.

“Did you get to work safely?” the text said.

Nathalie nodded. “I did. Are you enjoying the bed? Not too lonely?” she sent back with a wink.

Her thumb hovered over the screen as she waited for the status of the message to change from ‘delivered’ to ‘read.’ It didn’t straight away. It seemed Raven had closed the conversation.

Nathalie pouted and looked up at her computer. It was still loading. She rechecked the phone and saw that nothing had changed.

Nathalie impatiently tapped to open her conversation with Kim. They had been texting back and forth since Nathalie had left for work.

Nathalie had told Kim all about the mindblowing night she had spent with Raven. Kim, of course, had wanted so many details that Nathalie had told her to get a check on her perv side.

It had felt so good to be openly over the moon, though. Kim had not asked any complicated questions. She had sighed and swooned along with Nathalie. She was great that way.

All of this still hadn’t stopped Nathalie from worrying about some things while on her way to work. Raven clearly had wanted to avoid talking about what all of this meant.

Maybe Nathalie shouldn’t have brought it up so soon. She just wanted to know what to expect. Was this a one-week thing for Raven? Or was it more serious than that? And if so, how would that work?

A notification came in and Nathalie quickly swiped back to the conversation with Raven. She was surprised to see that a picture was loading. Reception wasn’t great here.

“Oh, shit,” Nathalie gasped after the image appeared.

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