Why I’m not on Patreon

There are several reasons why I am not on Patreon.

My mission.

I want to create audio fiction that makes people smile and hope, and build a community that connects them through the shared experience of story. If I put the early access, community and/or extras behind a paywall like Patreon’s, it makes it a lot harder to succeed in my mission. It would have a discriminating effect for people not able to afford the money or not able to identify as a listener.


I want people around the world to have free access to my content. Paying for LGBTQ+ content is impossible for many people for various reasons. I hope listeners who are free to contribute will do so to keep this content available for everyone.


It would be easy to set up a Patreon account, but that would make me way too dependent on them. When you build your audience on a platform that is not yours, you’re putting your fate in the hands of that platform. I like to stay as independent as I possibly can be. I believe this is what I have to do to safeguard the future of The Lesbian Romantic.


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