Very Early Access: The Taste Of A Smile Part 40 ‘Glow’ Excerpt Teaser (NSFW)



Update 29/04: Added some excerpt for Wednesday Excerpt day. Also got out the #NSFW stamp.;)

How are you doing today, my fellow romantic?

We’re a few weeks into this crisis and it sure feels like it has been a hell of a lot longer, doesn’t it? The light at the end of the tunnel can also be pretty dim. I want you to know that you’re not alone in this. We’re in this together and our community is here for you and ready to show up for you.

I hope this very early excerpt will also give you something (else) to smile about today. I’ve already started recording this episode and I look forward to working on it in the coming 10 or so days. I am also writing the very last episode of The Taste of A Smile… It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to Lex and Mary! Especially now!

Okay, I need some more coffee now. Some things don’t change, not even in a global pandemic. 🙂

Take very good care of yourself and everyone you love. Stay safe.

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Lex ushered Mary inside with a big grin on her face. She shut the door behind them. Their gazes held as they slipped out of their coats in the hallway. Mary kicked off her shoes a little too enthusiastically. Lex did the same, laughing.

Mary walked into the living room first, glancing back over her shoulder and eyes twinkling. Lex’s lips curved up as she hurried after her. She tried to grab Mary’s hand, but Mary giggled and tiptoed to the couch.

Lex huffed a laugh. Mary looked so adorable in her old shirt and those pants that still had chocolate all over them. Lex didn’t turn on the lights. The glow of the city lights through the windows was more than enough.

The glow seemed so much warmer than usual. Lex was stunned to see her whole apartment in a new light. It finally felt safe. It finally felt like home. She hadn’t changed anything. But Mary was here.

Lex blinked away tears, she was way too emotional today and focused back on Mary. She was just in time to see her spin around and let herself fall onto the couch.

“I’m so tired after eating all that pizza,” Mary sighed.

Lex doubted she meant it. Mary had seemed very much awake in the elevator just now. Lex’s lips were still tingling from their frantic kissing. Walking over to Mary, she decided to play along.

“Yeah, I’m totally beat too,” she pouted.

Mary stretched out her arms and legs with a yawn, exposing a flash of beautiful skin just above her belt. The heat in Lex’s body flickered.

“Maybe we should take a nap on the couch?” Mary asked, perfectly innocent.

Lex pursed her lips. “Maybe.”

She lowered herself onto the couch next to Mary. There wasn’t much room and it took her a moment to find her balance, propping herself up on an elbow. Mary rolled onto her side as well. They smiled at each other.

“Why did you let me have wine?” Mary asked, a bit whiny.

“Like I could have stopped you from drinking it,” Lex chuckled, brushing some strands of hair out of Mary’s eyes.

“I thought it would make the party go by faster,” Mary sighed, wrapping her arm around Lex’s waist.

“You loved the party,” Lex said, tapping the tip of Mary’s nose fondly.

“I did once you were there,” Mary replied softly. “I wanted you there with me.”

Lex’s heart fluttered in her chest.

“I think Karen knows,” Mary continued pensively. Her fingers slipped under Lex’s sweater and shirt.

Lex closed her eyes, enjoying Mary’s soft, leisurely touches. Her skin tingled wherever fingers brushed over it.

“How did she know you had arrived, by the way?” Mary asked, now stroking Lex’s stomach with more purpose.

The heat between Lex’s thighs burst into a roaring fire. “Oh, I texted her when I was on my way,” she struggled to say in a normal voice.

“Yeah, she definitely knows,” Mary said, tugging at the clasp of Lex’s belt.

Lex cleared her throat. “Maybe you should just tell her?”

“Tell her what exactly?” Mary asked slowly. She had undone Lex’s belt now.

Lex blinked. The tips of their noses were nearly touching. She noticed how fragile Mary’s eyelashes looked from this close.

“Tell her…,” Lex said, but her voice trailed off when Mary eased her hand under the waistband of her pants.

“Yes?” Mary asked, her voice husky. Her fingers grazed over the fabric of Lex’s underwear.

“You’re making it very hard for me to think, you know,” Lex said, blowing out a breath.

Mary leaned in and flicked her tongue over Lex’s lower lip. “I know.”

“You’re an awful tease,” Lex groaned.

“And you still haven’t answered the question,” Mary replied breathily. She slid her hand further down.

“Okay,” Lex gasped, “Tell her I’m your girlfriend?”

Mary hummed contentedly. “I do like the sound of that.”

“You do?” Lex breathed, pressing her forehead against Mary’s.

“Yes, very much so,” Mary whispered, pushing aside Lex’s panties.


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