Replay of first Gratitude Moment (Community Video Call)


Today, I organized my very first Gratitude Moment! I didn’t want to just thank my supporters. I wanted it to be a shared moment as well. And so I invited my fellow romantics to join me in the very first community video call!

There were quite a bit of technical glitches, there were tractors, there were cats and there was Muriel too! We all had to get used to this new of interacting and I want to thank everyone in the event for being vulnerable along with me!

I decided to keep the video behind a ‘login wall’ on Crowdcast so that it is a little protected from search engines. You can login with a social account, an Apple account or just use your email (which will be registered with Crowdcast)

If you’d like to join the next event, keep an eye on this blog or Patreon!

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💜 Dear fellow romantic,

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