Fellow Romantic Podcast (Q&A) #11: ‘Very real’

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Hey fellow romantics, We’ve had a rough week and it was wonderful to sit down in my home office and answer your fun questions! Thank you for sending those in! 🙂 Hope you enjoy listening to this 11th ‘very real’ (and a bit raw at times) Q&A. Love, Muriel & Sigrid PS: This is the […]

Fellow Romantic Podcast (Q&A) #9: Cat Chaos

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Hello everyone, It’s Q&A time! Thank you so much for all your fun questions for this Q&A! Our weeks have been very chaotic and the recording of this Q&A was not any different. 😉 Apologies to Sherlock & Watson: we forgot to answer a question again… It was Gertrude’s fault! A big thank you to […]

Fellow Romantics Podcast: Q&A with Muriel & Sigrid (#5)

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Hello, It’s time for the fifth Fellow Romantic Podcast! We have 3 awesome voicemails from fellow romantics and 7 questions to answer! Grab some coffee, tea, beer or wine and join Muriel and me in the pillow fort. 🙂 Some of the questions in this Q&A:   “It’s been a while since you’ve had to […]

Fellow Romantic Podcast: Q&A with Muriel #2

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Hey there! On Saturday morning, Muriel and I usually sip coffee on the couch and have a chat. This week, we moved the coffee and our discussion to the pillow fort. Inspired by your questions, Muriel and I talked about the podcast, the new story, storytelling and writing. We might have gotten a bit too […]

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