The Diva Story Early Access: Part 44 Script Excerpt

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Hello awesome fellow romantics, How about one last script excerpt? Better late than never, right? 😉 As mentioned on the community, the last episode of The Diva Story will be released here on Tuesday, along with the official release. Hope you enjoy the excerpt! Sigrid     “I’m so s-s-sorry,” the girl stuttered. Milly sipped […]

The Diva Story Early Access: Part 43 Script Excerpt

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O hai! I can’t believe this will be the last time I post a script excerpt from Hannah’s point of view! Better make it a nice one… Have a great day! Sigrid     Hannah’s heart stopped as soon as she saw Milly standing in the doorway. A sharp twinge of panic in her chest […]

The Diva Story Early Access: Part 42 Script Excerpt

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Happy Valentine’s Day my super bertmantic fellow…ehm, romantics! Hope you are spending the day spoiling your significant other OR spoiling yourself. Or both. It’s also Wednesday, which means it’s excerpt time! Hopefully we’ll finally find out what Milly has decided… Many greetings and a happy Valentine’s wiggle,   Sigrid     Milly got the app […]

The Diva Story Early Access: Part 41 Script Excerpt

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Hello wonderful people, Wednesday = excerpt day! Hope you enjoy this week’s preview of the next episode… Greetings from sunny Belgium, Sigrid   Hannah sipped from her coffee and stared at the clock of her microwave oven. She was counting back the days. Had it been ten or eleven days since she had last seen […]

The Diva Story Early Access: Part 40 Script Excerpt

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Hello beautiful romantic souls, That last episode was just… Well, even I was sad to release it 😉 That’s why I decided there should be an extra long excerpt today. We need to get a better idea of what the hell Milly was thinking, right? Okay, grab some coffee or tea, sit back and…   […]

The Diva Story Early Access: Script Excerpt Part 26

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Hello hello, Ready for a nice long excerpt? Hope you’re having a wonderful week, Sigrid     Milly looked around the waiting area of the car rental office. It was squeaky clean, but she found the grey carpet and white furniture horribly depressing. She focused back on her phone call. “What did the police say?” […]

The Diva Story Early Access: Part 25 Script Excerpt

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It’s Wednesday! That means it’s time for the weekly sneak peak of what happens in the next episode. Here’s the script excerpt of part 25 of The Diva Story 🙂 Have a great day, my fellow romantics. Sigrid   PS: Did you know TLR was nominated for several Audio Verse Awards? Winning one of those […]

The Diva Story Early Access: Script Excerpt Part 24

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Hi! Ready for this week’s excerpt? I should be able to post an excerpt every Wednesday from now on, by the way! Early release of the full episode is planned for (every) Saturday. I’m almost afraid to announce that, though. Hope I didn’t just jinx my schedule 😉 It has just been that kind of […]

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