Lesbian Podcast Tip: Another Word for Lesbian


Another word for lesbian podcastIf you are black and lesbian, you are in for a treat with this podcast. I can only image what a relief it must be to discover Another Word for Lesbian. Two strong black women, they’re best friends, talking about all things black & lesbian.

For me, as a very white woman (I mean that literally), this podcast is also a blessing. Torrie and Erika have a great personality and their authenticity is so refreshing.

Even though a large part of the podcast is about the black community, I still feel it is very relevant to me. I get to understand how black lesbians face different challenges. The discussions are so insightful.

This podcast also made me realise how lesbian romance fiction is mostly white. I’m hesitant to create a black character myself, because I’m terrified of getting it ALL WRONG like many white people do, but I do think it’s important we realise this.

That’s why I am so happy the hosts of Another Word for Lesbian zoom in on black lesbian arts, books, shows, … We all need stories we can relate to. So, whatever skincolor you have, check out this podcast. It’s fantastic.


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